July 8, 2024

Survey Programming: Designing a Multilingual Online Survey for Contact Lens Wearers

Our client, a leading global market research and consulting firm, wanted to gather comprehensive insights into the experiences, preferences, and challenges faced by contact lens wearers in Italy, Germany, and Spain. Due to the complexity of the participant acquisition and the survey questionnaire, m360 Research was approached for both recruitment and programming solutions.

The client required a substantial number of respondents to ensure a comprehensive overview of the contact lens industry in each country. Also, the survey questionnaire presented multiple complexities that required meticulous planning and execution. The challenges were threefold:
  • Multilingual Requirements: The client needed the survey to be conducted in three different languages (Italian, German, and Spanish), posing significant challenges for programming.
  • Dynamic Paths: The survey design required directing respondents through different paths based on their answers to previous questions, ensuring they would only answer questions relevant to them.
  • Market-Specific Customisation: The survey needed to reflect specific aspects of the industry in each country, including the diverse range of brands and options available. This customisation was essential for gathering accurate and relevant data across diverse markets.
m360 Research’s Solution
By leveraging our multi-panel proprietary coverage in Europe, we recruited 4,000+ participants for this project across Italy, German, and Spain.
Based on the client’s requirements, m360 Research programmers selected the most suitable platform and designed an innovative questionnaire, incorporating skipping logic to navigate respondents through different paths in the survey, and masking logic to customise questions and response options. By incorporating these features, the questionnaire was highly targeted and able to capture detailed and accurate insights without overwhelming respondents. The questionnaire comprised over 210 questions in total.
We also translated the survey into Italian, German, and Spanish. Our localisation process ensured that the survey questions were not only linguistically accurate but also culturally relevant, enhancing respondent understanding and engagement. We incorporated country-specific brand and option lists into the survey, ensuring respondents were presented with relevant choices.
m360 Research also suggested the addition of a typing tool, which allowed respondents to provide more context about their opinions and experiences. In general, the survey required the use of numerous hidden variables to capture data accurately. This was crucial for analysing the data in a manner that met our client’s research needs and ensured that the final dataset was robust and insightful.
Client Impact

m360 Research successfully executed a complex survey programming and recruitment project for a leading global market research and consulting firm, focusing on contact lens wearers in Italy, Germany, and Spain. By overcoming challenges related to multilingual requirements, dynamic survey paths, and market-specific customization, m360 Research ensured the collection of comprehensive and accurate data. The study’s findings are expected to have a significant impact on the client’s business, providing valuable insights that can be used to inform marketing strategies, product development, and market positioning in these key markets.

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