Maximise the Potential of Your List

m360 Research delivers on list recruitment. Our approaches maximise the effectiveness of your lists and ensure precise targeting of respondents for your healthcare market research project, with a 40% increase in matches when compared to traditional methods.

List Recruitment

Over the years, m360 Research has built a reputation in the industry for handling complex list recruitment with ease, and in 2023 we’re deploying new technologies that make list recruitment even more effective.

By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from the same exclusive tools and methods we use to engage HCPs and patients from our panels.
We have transformed traditional list recruitment into an end-to-end solution that makes the most of the scale of our online communities, coupled with other proprietary solutions, such as enhanced list matching, dynamic profiling, and custom recruitment.

Share your specific criteria with us to see how we stack up. We commit to full transparency on our feasibility assessment.

Innovative Solutions

Recruiting from Client Lists

Step 1: List Review

Our data team will match your list against our proprietary panels. The result of the match will determine panel feasibility and what custom recruitment tactics (if any), are required to achieve your desired number of respondents.

Step 2: Develop and Confirm Plan

Your account manager will share a detailed proposal with costs, and a strategic project delivery plan including projected timeline milestones. All stakeholders will join a dedicated kick-off project call to confirm all specifications prior to launch.

Step 3: Active Monitoring

We will constantly monitor and evaluate the efficacy of all recruitment strategies, ensuring that adjustments and iterations are deployed throughout the lifecycle of the project to guarantee quotas are achieved. You will receive daily updates throughout.

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Share your specific criteria with us to see how we stack up.