August 9, 2023

The Power of Custom Recruitment

Recruiting healthcare market research respondents can be challenging.

At times you need access to hard-to-reach audiences, such as key opinion leaders (KOLs) and payers. On other occasions, qualifying criteria can be very specific (e.g. patients who have been diagnosed with rare medical conditions, or purchasing managers who have adopted a particular technology in their facilities). At m360 Research, we take pride in our successful track record recruiting respondents for complex projects like these.
By combining exclusive solutions such as list matching and dynamic profiling, m360 Research can typically achieve your desired number of completes by using our internal panel. These panellists are engaged and enthusiastic about sharing their opinions across a range of therapy areas, including haematology, oncology, dermatology, cardiology, and more. If required, we can also deploy custom recruitment strategies as soon as your project launches. We commit to full transparency on our feasibility assessment, so you’re clear on what we expect to achieve before you sign up to anything.
Our custom recruitment solutions, supported by the size and scope of our panels, are designed to maximise all recruitment efforts for both qual and quant projects, and can include:
Personalised email campaigns: Different from traditional invitations, personalised email campaigns also include inactive members of our panels and external sources whose profiles match your screening criteria. Images and visuals are incorporated to make templates visually appealing and easy to understand.
Phone-to-Web / CATI Recruitment: Our industry-leading call centre’s results are unmatched, helping increase feasibility by up to 30% on target list studies. Our team of 25 multilingual recruiters is trained in healthcare, objection-handling skills, and well-practised in passing gatekeepers.
Text messages: When the survey is mobile-friendly and the length of the interview (LOI) is less than 30-minutes, we’re able to send text messages to invite and remind respondents to take part in surveys.
Peer referral programs: Certain specialties or sub-specialties might be challenging to reach. However, when there’s a referral fee available, current panellists are encouraged to refer colleagues in their network to join the study.
Mailing: Personalised printed mailings with the recipient’s name and referring to their specific interests can foster a sense of importance and value. When the timetable and budget allow, this can be a useful strategy to reach specific audiences within large sample sizes.

Patient-centric strategies: We also have a dedicated patient team with the ability to design custom recruiting methods relevant to your project by:

  • Partnering with specialty associations to gain improved access to patients and their needs
  • Running paid advertising on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to recruit respondents
  • Building pre-recruited communities with participants who meet your criteria and are willing to take part in ongoing surveys
When it comes to recruiting healthcare market research respondents, the challenges can be substantial, especially when targeting hard-to-reach audiences or individuals with specific qualifications. However, at m360 Research, we have proven our ability to overcome these obstacles and achieve successful outcomes for complex projects. By partnering with m360 Research, you can rest assured that your research projects will benefit from innovative and effective recruitment solutions.

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