April 17, 2023

Using Competitive Intelligence to Find Potential Business Partners: A Case Study

Competitive intelligence is our secondary research service which solves business problems by analysing an extensive range of publicly available secondary data. It complements traditional fieldwork, and has a wide range of uses and applications for the pharmaceutical drug development industry.

We checked in with Dr. Sulekha Verma, Associate Director, and Poulami Kundu, Associate Director for Life Sciences, on how competitive intelligence can help companies identify and evaluate new business opportunities. They shared a recent case study where m360 Research helped a global pharma client to explore potential partnership opportunities. 


Working with a biopharma company, m360 Research was asked to develop a strategic advisory project to support the client’s business development and licensing (BD&L) team. They were interested in exploring licensing / strategic / investment partnerships with manufacturers of non-drug therapies powered by artificial intelligence (AI) within the femtech space – companies developing technology products and services designed to support women’s reproductive health and wellness. m360 were asked to search, identify, and score in-market and assets under development, and also recommend the best collaborative partnerships available. 


Our multi-disciplinary team of industry insiders started collating data by profiling the most relevant technologies currently addressing women’s health issues such as IVF laboratories, instrumentations, embryo scoring algorithms, menstrual care, fertility tracking, pregnancy monitoring, menopause support, and sexual health, identifying collaborative functionality as a key feature of the femtech industry. However, as a growing industry, new companies emerge continuously, bringing new products and services to the table.

m360 Research identified a wide range of mobile applications, wearable devices, and platforms in more than 13 markets in Asia Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. Each tech solution was analysed according to its purpose, unique selling points (USPs), primary market, and similarities to other products and services already available in the US and Europe. Product profiles were further strengthened with data about the company’s financial health and previous partnerships. Data was analysed, cross-checked, and combined to categorise each AI powered non-drug therapy as tier 1 / 2 / 3 as per the fit analysis.


m360 Research provided a comprehensive report with the most relevant marketed and under-development non-drug therapies (powered by AI) available in the client’s target markets. Using a scoring system developed specifically for the project, m360 Research also highlighted their ‘top 10’ potentially successful business partnerships ready for either licensing, co-commercialisation, or investment. All the results were presented in a detailed report incorporating the client’s branding, for seamless delivery. 

Are you interested in discovering how our competitor intelligence service can help you identify potential business partners, or opportunities? Our team are experts in working with you to identify your research needs and requirements, bringing specialist expertise in healthcare and life sciences projects. Get in touch today.

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